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ILF B 2000 с поворотной башней

ILF с 1200 на гусеницах

To guarantee the functionality and reliability, the brush cutter shredder and hydraulic machine crawler ILF C1200 13, is manufactured entirely in our factory. Specially designed for cutting grass, bushes, for the maintenance of green areas, roadsides, embankments, canals, water drains etc.. Compact self-propelled machine with articulated hydraulic arm, excellent stability , four-wheel drive and steering. The machine can be equipped with accessories such as: (pruning pliers), branch cutter bucket, cutting bar, and also snow blade, side snow blower, front snow blower and salt spreaders.

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Standard shredder head   Shredder head NEW SPEED 150   Front guard opening
Benna falciante RIVER   EXTRA TRONK pruning scissors-pincers   Rotary disc bar
Rotary disc bar with mobile blades   BF170 - BF220 cutter bar   Power shears
Brush   Ditch digger   FORC-ONE grass grab
Ditch clearing bucket        







Video camera with monitor for rear arm view   Cab windows   Working light kit
Mobile counterweight   Air compressor   Rear identifying tables
Automatic lubrication system        





ILF B 2000 с поворотной башней, ILF с 1200 на гусеницах Energreen